Assignment: Track Project Issues

Assignment: Track Project Issues

GitHub has an amazing issue tracking functionality built in. Please use it to track the tasks for your project.

Please watch this video to get more familiar with GitHub issues, pull requests, and the Git-based workflow.

To complete this assignment, please create one issue in GitHub for each of the tasks you presented in your final proposal. Each task should have a short title, and should have a description that fully specifies the nature of the task, and what exactly needs to get done in order for the issue to be closed.

If an issue feels like it confuses multiple tasks, please split it up into multiple separate issues. 

Please submit the issues URL for your repository as the submission for this in Canvas. For example, , but using your username and repositoruy name. You can get this URL by clicking on "issues" in your repository.

Please also share this link in the course Slack, so others can see and comment on your issues.

Hopefully this sort of issue tracking will help you manage the work that needs to get done for your project, and also give you a sense of your velocity in terms of how many issues you can close per week. Please do start working on these issues themselves as well, after you've created them.

By the way, you need to enable issues like this:

Also, feel free to open new issues on the template project if anything about the template project itself needs improvement or clarification.

If you're new to GitHub, this video might also be useful:

Good luck!