Assignment: Find 3 Datasets

Assignment: Find 3 Datasets

Short summary: Find 3 public datasets and post them to as forks this Block: Data Table Summary.

You will be required to do a data visualization project for this class. The project will involve finding a dataset to use that is sufficiently complex, creating simple visualizations of the dataset throughout the course, and building an interactive version of it towards the end of the course (either dashboard with multiple linked views, or a "scrollytelling" or story-based narrative).

For this assignment: Find and describe 3 datasets that you’d like to potentially visualize for your project.

Each of these 3 datasets must meet the following criteria:

For each of these 3 datasets you find, please do the following:

Please submit the three URLs of your datasets in

After submission, I will review these 3 datasets and give feedback whether or not each would be suitable to work with for your project.

Ideas for data sources: