Assignment: Create a Scatter Plot

Assignment: Create a Scatter Plot

In this assignment, you'll create a Scatter Plot of a dataset of your choice and post it on

Please watch this video to get a sense of how D3 can be used. Skip to 33:01 if you already understand SVG, HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics.

References from the video:

This video uses version 3 of D3, but the examples linked below use version 4.

The D3 CHANGES document contains all differences between these versions, and is useful to consult.

Please watch Unit 1 of the D3.js in Motion, which builds up a scatter plot using D3 version 4.

You are welcome to fork (using Blockbuilder) any of these scatter plot examples as a starting point for this assignment:

You may also choose to make it from scratch, or fork from any other scatter plot examples on Be sure to tweak things so the scatter plot makes sense with your data and looks decent (e.g. margins, circle size, circle opacity, labels, tick marks).

The data may be any data you choose. For example, the data could be:

When you're done, please:

Good luck!