Assignment: Create a Bar Chart

Assignment: Create a Bar Chart

In this assignment, you'll make a copy of this visualization using Blockbuilder and change the data.

To get familiar with Blockbuilder, watch this video:



Next, watch this video: Creating a Bar Chart.

If the JavaScript is overwhelming for you or you need a refresher on the basics, this video might help get up to speed with basic programming concepts


To learn more about ES6 JavaScript, which is used in the video, the following resources may be helpful:

Steps required for this assignment:

  1. Find a few numbers relating to a topic that interests you. For example, the population of the largest 5 countries, the top 5 richest people alive, the death counts for the largest terrorist events. Be creative. Finding data should not take long. There are tons of small data tables in Wikipedia articles that could be data sources.
  2. Use Blockbuilder to fork (make a copy of) that visualization. You can click this link , then click "log in", then click "fork".
  3. Modify the data found in the JavaScript code.
  4. Make any adjustments necessary so that the visualization makes sense (e.g. number format, color).
  5. Update the README to describe the new data and link to the data source.
  6. (optional) Do something extra/fancy to show your level of proficiency with JavaScript/CSS.
  7. Create the thumbnail image.
  8. Review the grading criteria in detail and double check everything.
  9. Submit the URL of your new bl.ock when you submit this assignment (URL should contain "", not "").
  10. Please also post your work in Slack, so other students can see it and be inspired (be sure to include the link, not just a screenshot!).
  11. Tweet your work to world if you feel it turned out to be really cool.

Please read the rubric below for detailed grading criteria - this will be used for grading.

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